Online videos don’t just entertain your target audience. They showcase your products and services. Through video content, your customer gets to know your brand, understands how your business works, and sees why it’s better than the competition.

Additionally, Google places more importance on video content. In fact, 70% of the top 100 search results listings feature video. That’s a considerable SEO push! An aimClear study showed that video search results enjoy a 41% higher click-through rate than plain text results – and reduced bounce rates prove that your audience are more likely to stick around on your site after your video has been viewed.

In fact, video has one of the highest ROIs of any form of online marketing. It’s engaging, persuasive, informative – and can be repurposed to suit a variety of different requirements. But the big question remains – will it benefit your business, and if so, where and when should you be using it?

Why Online Video Production?

Video is fast becoming a dominant form of online marketing – as the statistics demonstrate.

  • Video content formed 64% of all internet traffic in 2014. This is anticipated to rise to 80% by 2019. (Cisco)
  • Viewers are 64-85% more likely to buy from you after watching your product video.
  • 80% of people find it easier to recollect a video advert than any other form of marketing (useful for building brand awareness!)

What Are Your Aims?

Most businesses, when developing a video marketing strategy, claim that their main priorities are:

  • Getting new customers (58%)
  • Improving lead generation (83%)
  • Getting conversions (47%)

Your video achieves all these aims – attracting people through to your site, encouraging them to make an enquiry, and ensuring a purchase is made. Maximise return on investment by repurposing video content to use at another stage of your marketing plan.

What Video Content?

There are many different types of video; all of which are designed to achieve different goals. They include:

  • Testimonial videos – People are far more likely to buy after watching a peer review – so a testimonial video is ideal for the latter stages of the customer journey (justification and purchase).
  • Product demo videos – Your product demo video answers all the questions your customer may have. It highlights the benefits, and proves that the product is worth the money. In short, you can use it to remove all doubt from your customer’s mind – and secure the sale.
  • Promotional videos – A promotional video highlights all the best features of your brand or product, and places you firmly above the competition. It’s particularly effective in the later stages of the customer journey.
  • Corporate videos. These videos cement your key marketing messages – and are ideal for B2B target audiences.

Your video can be used to:

  • Boost online visibility
  • Ensure your content is shared – spreading brand awareness
  • Build trust
  • Give credibility to your brand
  • Drive customers through to your site
  • Help people remember your brand
  • Answer questions and remove doubt – encouraging more sales

Where to Use Video Content in Your Marketing Strategy

In order to enjoy optimum results from your online video content, positioning is crucial. Most online videos are versatile; suitable for any stage of the product life cycle, not to mention the customer sales journey.

Here’s some suggestions for placement of your video content:

  • On your homepage. Embedding a video on your homepage provides a great chance to tell your company story. It immediately engages your audience – keeping them on your site for longer. You can also use your video to lead your customer to specific pages; effectively guiding them along the sales journey.
  • On your product landing pages. Video-only landing pages generate up to 86% more conversions than text-only (Eye View Digital). This is because video has a more immediate impact, and is more likely to persuade.
  • On your social media pages. High quality videos posted on social media get shared. This generates more exposure for your brand; increasing your reach, and directing more people to your site.
  • In your emails. Emails with video links generate a 280% better return than text-only emails (Email Monks). They boost click-through rates and encourage conversions.

When to Use Video Content?

There’s no time like the present! Video marketing is set to get even bigger this year, and most marketers agree that it’s an effective way to boost conversions and increase revenue. Use video at every stage of your customer’s journey – from building initial awareness, right through to closing the deal and getting a sale. Repurpose your video to further increase conversions, making the process even more cost-effective.
When used as part of a video marketing strategy, your online video can work wonders for your business. If you’re looking for video production services in Londonget in touch with WebVideos today.

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