360 videos have become more and more popular recently, and there’s good reason behind that. They are immersive video content which allows the viewer to control what they see, and in some cases, what they do. Because of this, 360 videos have some major benefits for your marketing strategy, including: a new, trendy way to communicate with your target market and wider audience and, inevitably, better versatility which contributes to higher engagement from anyone who views your marketing video.
This article explores the diverse range of industries which have begun to utilise 360 video content for their marketing strategies, with some popular examples and tips on how to exploit its benefits for your own.


The Film Industry

Why use 360 Video?

Obviously, your main source of promotional content will be online videos – usually short teasers of the film or the full trailer with the aim of engaging your audience and making them aware of the films’ release.
360 degree video adds a little extra spice to your promo video, here’s how:

  • The target audience immerses themselves in the trailer itself, giving a more realistic feel and generating excitement for the pending release.
  • By controlling what they watch, the viewer will only see what appeals to them directly, improving the likelihood of them watching the film.
  • It’ll guarantee they remember your film and make them more likely to go and watch it.

Here’s a great example:
The Jungle Book AMAZING New 360° Video (2016)

This particular example has amassed over 2.2 million views in just 4 months, along with countless comments from the target audience. Relatively simple and putting the focus on the viewer, it gives the impression of actually being in the film and is sure to resonate with long-term fans of the Jungle Book – particularly the 90’s kids who grew up with this film.



Why use 360 Video?

Similar to films, your primary promotional tool will be online video content – whether that includes snippets of what is included, or a introductory short video to explain what the documentary will be covering.

Here’s a great example:

Isle of Jaws (360 Video)

This video example is definitely valuable promo content. With the option to view everything around the boat, and even underwater, it gives the viewer the sense of being in the environment itself. Giving complete control to the viewer essentially gives them the power to create their own promotional video, and has had a massive impact on the number of repeated views businesses are recieving on their video content. In fact, studies show an increase of up to 30%. A higher repeated view rate indicates great content and an interested audience.


The Music Industry:

Why use 360 Video?

Whether you’re unsigned, an upcoming artist or a well-established musical genius, you need to engage your fans with every music video which accompanies your music. 360 is fairly new in the world of music videos, but works a treat when it comes to getting attention – and keeping it.

The great thing is, the viewer can effectively change the music video so it can be a different one every single time they play your music!

Welcome [360 Version] – Fort Minor (Official Video):

Fort Minor is the perfect example of an artist using 360 video to his advantage. Let’s compare his 360 degree music video with the standard music video. With 6.1 million video views, the 360 degree version is running circles around the standard video and it’s 600,000 views. This video alone has amassed far more views in a year than the majority of his previous music videos have in 2-5 years.
The viewers have spoken and the statistics don’t lie. 360 videos clearly resonate with viewers a lot more that your regular music video and it is a great way of standing out in an industry overwhelmed by competition.


The Video Gaming Industry

Why use 360 video?

We’ve seen the meteoritic rise in the popularity of Pokemon Go, the immersive smartphone game and every 90’s kids’ dream-come-true. It’s shown us the power of 360 video technology in the gaming world and it doesn’t stop with smartphone apps. If you’re trying to appeal to gamers, using 360 degree interactive video as promotional material works wonders. It gives a better sense of the virtual reality your audience craves and allows them to explore the game in ways that weren’t possible beforehand.

Clash of Clans 360: Experience a Virtual Reality Raid:

Gamers relish in the sense of reality many video games strive to recreate, so using 360 video is a sure fire way to appeal to your audience before your games’ release. As with this example, a 360 promo video allows the audience to experience the game before purchasing.


The Travel Industry:

Why do you need 360 Video?

The travel industry is an obvious choice when it comes to using 360 videos for marketing. Google Street View started the trend way back in 2007 using a simple panorama camera and a smart car to take 360 photos of the world. Since then, it has become a way for tourists, backpackers and travellers alike to explore new cities without having to leave their computers.
Here’s two great examples:

Here you are – Dubai 360 Video:

[360°/VR Video] Virtual guided tour of Paris : Louvre & Palais Royal:

If you are trying to promote holiday destinations, sight-seeing tours or holiday accommodation, using 360 video is perfect. It is a concept people are already familiar with in this context, so a simple panorama camera will work wonders.
Infact, when we held a Video Production Workshop for one of the world’s biggest travel media companies, they were most excited about our 360 degree video camera. Why? Well, because as creatives, they saw the marketing potential of this technology and are keen to hit the ground running with it. Find out what happened in our Video Production Workshop Case Study, here.

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