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The purpose of your Presenter led video or talking head video is to convey your message; and increase brand awareness, click-throughs and sales. Of course, a large part of the process is getting the narrative right – but if your technical production isn’t top-notch too, you won’t be taken seriously.
Here’s the three elements you must get right, if you want your message to resonate:

3 Key Technical Elements

Lighting. Lighting is easy to control, and it has huge impact on the final results. Without correct lighting, video content can look flat, dull and unprofessional. In short, it will look like an amateur job – not the results you were going for! On the day of production, allow yourself time to set up lighting appropriately.

Sound. Whatever you do, don’t rely on your camera mic to record sound – unless you want your business video to sound distinctly ‘homemade’! Professional sound equipment will minimise the impact of external noise (e.g. traffic, the wind, dogs barking etc.) and give clarity to your vocals. Capturing clear audio can be tricky – but by combining basic techniques with online tools, you can stop your message getting lost in a sea of distortion.

Editing. You might think that, if you’ve got a script, you won’t need to edit. However, inevitably presenters can be nervous, plus you might need to cut certain sections out to improve overall quality. Not sure what bits to keep in, and what to lose? Here’s a key thought to keep in mind – the best corporate videos are the ones that convey your message in the shortest space of time. Cut the waffle, focus on the great stuff instead.

Professional Video Production

That’s just a brief summary of the key technical elements you need to create a great business video. It’s possible to create it in-house – but generally speaking, a video production company will generate far better results.

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