With over 100 million people a day now watching online videos, it has never been more important to make web video production part of your marketing strategy. It’s a great way to connect with your visitors and get your message across. But how can you find the right people to make it?

When you choose an online video production company, you’ll be looking at things like professionalism, price and record of success. Other factors, however, can be just as important and harder to measure.

Most importantly, you’ll need to find people you can really click with so that communicating what you want is easy. So what should you be asking?

Set your Video Production goals

Before you start looking, think about what you want your video content to achieve. What is the strategic aim behind it? Do you have strong creative ideas of your own, or do you need to find an online video production team that can help you get your message across? Do you need a company with specific facilities, does it have to be local and will you need help with video SEO services? Once you know what you’re after, you’ll be ready to begin your search.

Key questions

About the web video production company

1. Have you seen examples of the company’s work and did they impress you?
This will tell you whether or not it can deliver what it promises. Check out our portfolio of work here!

2. Does the company’s work seem creative and fresh?
Your web video will need to stand out if it’s to attract attention and get shared online.

3. Have you heard good things from its previous clients?
Nothing beats personal testimony to help you understand where a company is coming from. Ask around within your networks and ask your production company contact if there are past clients you can talk to.

About your Business

4. Does the company seem to understand and care about your business?
Good communication is vital and if there are any difficulties, you will want to know you are working with people you can trust.

5. Does it make the kind of business video you want?
Look for past examples of its work so that you can see what it’s good at and discuss its specialities. Consider message, format and tone.

6. Can it deliver the right product for your business on the right budget?
Don’t feel awkward about asking for a quote early on, and make sure you understand exactly what it would cover.

7. Can it meet your deadlines?
Be clear about these from the start and try to find out about its past record of delivering projects on time or early.

Have you found the right fit?

8. Do you share the same culture and ideas about web video?
Talking about past projects can be a great way to find out if you think the same way. Trust your instincts.

9. Do the company’s products meet your quality standards?
This isn’t just about producing a one-off web video – it’s about how that video contributes to your brand.

10. Does the company offer good value for money, taking into account any extras you need?
A good online video production company will be upfront about any additional costs from the start so that you can easily compare its quote with those of others.

Working through these questions will help you determine not only which is the best video production company overall, but which is best for you. They can help you get the video you need and the marketing results you want.

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